Open Up About Sex & HIV with Your Partner: Tips & Resources

There are so many talks that happen in a relationship. But you shouldn’t shy away from topics just because they may make you uncomfortable or seem awkward. We can help you start the conversation so you can feel more at ease. Remember these helpful tips before starting any conversation or finding help:

  • Be in a safe space for both of you.
  • Speak calmly.
  • Be authentic and honest.
  • Keep resources on hand.
  • Show that you care.
  • Agree to stay safe

Talk about sex.

Talking about sex is important. When you practice condomless sex, you significantly reduce the risk of getting HIV. Here are a few ways to start the conversation:

Talk with your partner about getting tested.

Explain the importance of getting tested and why you should both know your status. Here are some ways to ease into it:

Talk to your partner about being HIV positive.

You don’t have to tell your friends and family about your HIV status. But, you should feel safe opening up to them if you want to. Having the support of friends and family is an important element of living with HIV.

Talk to your family/friends about being HIV positive.

Having the “sex talk” with family members isn’t the most comfortable conversation but it’s an important one. Here are some tips and conversation starters to make it a successful and positive interaction.